The Top 3 Reasons to Get a Spray Tan

spray tanSpray tans have been the punch line of quite a few jokes over the years, but technology has reinvented the spray tan as we know it. The idea that a spray tan can turn you orange is nothing but a myth, after all. If you’re eager for gorgeous, glowing skin that looks naturally and subtly tanned, then a spray tan is your best option.

Save Your Skin… and Your Life

Tanning outside or in a tanning bed might get you the tan skin you want right now, but it will ultimately make your skin age faster and cause awful wrinkles and sunspots down the road. Even worse, continual exposure to UV rays is strongly linked to skin cancer. It’s simply not worth it to damage your future skin and body just for darker skin. A spray tan provides the radiant skin you want without any of the potential side effects.

Enjoy the Simplicity

Let’s face it, tanning beds are complicated. You have to lather yourself with the right type of lotion, try to keep tin goggles on your eyes, lay down in an exact position, and worry if you chose the best type of bed. It’s time consuming and expensive! Spray tanning eliminates all complexities: you arrive, you stand for your spray, and you leave. Other than avoiding loofahs in the shower and maintaining hydrated skin, you’re ready to go!

Flaunt Your Tan in Every Season

A spray tan provides subtle yet enviable color no matter what the weather outside. Your spray tan will cover every part of your body, even those pressure points and finer crevices- like the ankles- that tanning beds constantly miss. You can also use a spray tan to eliminate existing tan lines, especially if an important event is coming up and you just spend 10 days wearing a halter bikini top in Mexico!