Why You Should Not Try Ear Candling Alone

Ear candling has many great benefits. It helps draw wax and impurities out of the inner ear, which can assist in a multitude of health issues. It is important that you do not use ear candles on your own. The process can be dangerous if you do not have someone with you to monitor the candle and its effects. It is best to allow a trained practitioner to do this process for you.

Heat and Melting Wax

A barrier between your ear and the ear candle is designed to help prevent too much heat or hot wax from dripping on your ear. However, if this becomes dislodged or is not carefully held in place, it becomes less effective. When you lie down to put the ear candle in your ear, you cannot see whether or not this barrier is correctly placed, or if it stays in place during the procedure. It is important to have someone doing the ear candling for you to ensure your safety.

Candle Debris

It is possible for debris from the ear candle to make its way into your ear, which can cause many issues with your hearing and comfort. You could experience significant pain or hearing loss if debris from the ear candle gets into your inner ear. With a trained practitioner the risk is much lower, because the practitioner can monitor the ear candle closely. If the candle seems to not be burning correctly and allowing debris to form, they can remove it before it becomes an issue.

Fire Hazard

While you are lying down, you are unable to see the ear candle. You may think that you are holding it in place, but one wrong move and you could wind up dropping the ear candle or allowing it to tilt. You could be risking burning your hair, your face, or the furniture you are lying on. To mitigate this risk of fire and burning, it is important that you have a professional watching the ear candle and holding it in place for you.

If you would like to try ear candling and experience its benefits for yourself, please contact us for an appointment. We will be happy to help you experience ear candling in a safe environment.