The Best Spring Eye Makeup Ideas

smokey eyeThere is no season better than spring to look and feel gorgeous and refreshed, and eye makeup is one of the best ways to make that happen. This season’s trends are all about bright color, strong statements, and unique ideas. Makeup is one of the ultimate ways women can express themselves and depict their personalities, so these ideas are sure to make you look runway ready.

Violet Smoke

Who doesn’t love the sexy allure of smoky eyes? This spring, try using sooty powder shadow in violet to create an ethereal effect on your eyelids and under your eyes. Perfect for a sophisticated dinner party or grabbing drinks with friends.

Just take a fluffy brush and dip into a very tiny bit of purple shadow. Since this is a soft look, you don’t need any eyeliner or mascara. Just layer on the violet color a bit at a time up to the creases and blend well.

Lids that Glow

Color is beautiful, but not always necessary to make a beauty statement. By creating luminous and glossy eyelids you can achieve more depth and grab attention for such a unique look.

This works well by brushing a taupe powder on your upper lids and following it with a layer of clear lip gloss. You don’t even need mascara for this, but you’ll draw the look together by curling your lashes and using a bold color on your lips.

Go Bold and Blue

Though this look may not work for your grandmother’s luncheon or staff meeting at work, it’s perfect for more glamorous occasions. Bold and in-your-face blue eye makeup has become all the rage. From lids that are completely blue to heavy shadowed looks around the eyes in various shades and hues of blues, they all work to make a statement that welcomes spring.