Research Proves the Positive Impacts of Lash Extensions

38690049 - woman eye with long eyelashes. eyelash extensionWe live in a world of research. Scientists and experts are continually curious about the connection between the human mind and body, so they take every opportunity to study the impacts of one on the other. Most recently, a study indicated that women with eyelash extensions feel more confident about their appearance than sans-extensions. While some women selectively use eyelash extensions for important occasions like weddings and reunions, others have their extensions filled every month like clockwork to keep them in place. These “regulars” have shared their feelings on lash extensions to help others understand why they are such powerful confidence boosters. Read More

Three Reasons You Can Throw Your Mascara in the Trash

16826536 - young beautiful woman applying mascara makeup on eyes by brushYour eyelashes have the potential to transform your face, but mascara alone can’t always get the job done. Mascara has been a mainstay in most women’s makeup routines for years and years, but new cosmetic treatments are now making it possible to forego mascara altogether! These three procedures will make your eyes pop with bold color and flare like never before.

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