Introducing Manzilian Sugaring

sugar hair removalIt sounds like a silly word, but the manzilian is a legitimate service that men across the nation are flocking to utilize. We all know that a Brazilian is the service of choice for women looking to groom their most private and sensitive areas, but until now men did not have an equivalent option.

Also called “manscaping,” men are using this procedure to eliminate the hair in their nether regions so that they can feel comfortable, confident, and attractive. Here is what you should know about the procedure.   Read More

The Best Spring Eye Makeup Ideas

smokey eyeThere is no season better than spring to look and feel gorgeous and refreshed, and eye makeup is one of the best ways to make that happen. This season’s trends are all about bright color, strong statements, and unique ideas. Makeup is one of the ultimate ways women can express themselves and depict their personalities, so these ideas are sure to make you look runway ready. Read More