Introducing Manzilian Sugaring

sugar hair removalIt sounds like a silly word, but the manzilian is a legitimate service that men across the nation are flocking to utilize. We all know that a Brazilian is the service of choice for women looking to groom their most private and sensitive areas, but until now men did not have an equivalent option.

Also called “manscaping,” men are using this procedure to eliminate the hair in their nether regions so that they can feel comfortable, confident, and attractive. Here is what you should know about the procedure.  

What is Sugaring, Anyway?

Sugaring uses three completely natural ingredients- sugar, water, and lemon- to create a water-soluble paste that is actually able to remove hair from the root. Ripping hair from the root helps it grow back softer over time. The pureness of sugaring keeps skin safe and even helps nourish it during the process. Unlike wax that can burn and damage skin, sugaring gently removes hair follicles and leaves the skin exfoliated and smooth.

How Does a Manzilian Work?

A manzilian is similar to any other sugaring procedure, except that it takes place in a more sensitive area. The person completing your sugaring will trim any hair as needed, since all hair should be about ¼ inch long for best results. Using the ball of sugar, water, and lemon, the esthetician will gently rip hair from its root.

Some men need to help their esthetician move parts of the body in order to reach all of the hair properly. Since the male anatomy is so sensitive, manzilian sugaring needs to be done extremely gently.

What Are the Results?

Since the man’s crotch area has so many nooks and crannies, not every hair will be removed in just one session. It takes about five sessions, each four weeks apart, to see nearly 100% hair removal. While sugaring doesn’t achieve permanent results, it does help the hair grow back thinner and easier to manage each time. This is especially significant for men since thick and untamed hair can lead to irritation and ingrown hairs.

Overall, this procedure isn’t entirely pain free but it’s much easier and more efficient than shaving every day!