Three Things You Never Knew about Cold Laser Therapy

neckEven for people who enjoyed the benefits of fast metabolism in their youth, age has a way of causing body fat to stick around longer and show more resistance to finally leaving the body. That is one of the reasons that cold laser therapy has become so popular for non-invasive fat loss results. When healthy eating and exercise just don’t cut it, cold laser therapy can target those final stubborn pounds. Not familiar with cold laser therapy? Here are the four things you should know. Read More

The Best Lash Extension Care Tricks

5859098 - woman eye with a curl false eyelashes - low angle view

There’s nothing quite like a gorgeous set of eyelash extensions to help you feel sexy and confident, so it makes sense that you want your extensions to last as long as possible. It’s silly to take the time and money to get lash extensions if you are going to neglect their care.

Remember, eyelash extensions are just what they sound like- carefully added pieces of lashes that extend your normal eyelashes into thick, dramatic beauties. They are available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, and can last up to six weeks until your natural lash falls out in its normal shedding cycle. In order to enjoy every minute of those six weeks, abide by these rules. Read More