Three Things You Never Knew about Cold Laser Therapy

neckEven for people who enjoyed the benefits of fast metabolism in their youth, age has a way of causing body fat to stick around longer and show more resistance to finally leaving the body. That is one of the reasons that cold laser therapy has become so popular for non-invasive fat loss results. When healthy eating and exercise just don’t cut it, cold laser therapy can target those final stubborn pounds. Not familiar with cold laser therapy? Here are the four things you should know.

The Science

Cold laser therapy removes excess fat from the body and contours slender shape without any need for invasive surgery. This incredible accomplishment is achieved because the cold laser is able to, in medical terms, emulsify fat and move it into “interstitial space”. In other words, the fat transforms into tiny droplets of liquid and then moves into the fluid that surrounds the cells. This means that unwanted fat is removed from trouble spots and put in the process of being released from the body.

The Procedure

Cold laser therapy can be used on nearly any trouble spot, and most patients focus on the abs, hips, and thighs. It’s an incredibly simple procedure doesn’t take any longer than an hour, and all you need to do is lie still as the lasers do their work! You could even catch up on phone calls and emails or read a good book. When the treatment is done, you’re free to go and continue your day as normal without any recovery time or unpleasant side effects.

The Results

Cold laser therapy takes a few sessions in order for body slimming to occur, so expect to receive at least six treatments every other day. Results are different for everyone, but most people see the difference after four to six sessions and enjoy many inches off of their target areas. Best of all, the results will last a very long time as long as you maintain healthy eating and exercise habits!