Everything You Never Knew about Ear Candling

28985396 - tray of ear candling equipment at the spaMuch like acupuncture and essential oils, ear candles were used in ancient times as a simple and effective solution to ear-based problems, only to be buried by the growth of Western medicine and pharmacology. Today, however, ear candles are making a comeback as more people turn to alternative medicine in an effort to escape the dangerous cycle of pharmaceutical drugs. If you’ve never utilized ear candles before, you may be picturing someone sticking a birthday candle in their ears. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this incredible treatment. Read More

Rejuvenate Your Face with Microdermabrasion

microdermabrasionLife happens, and between getting the kids to and from school, meeting demands at work, and keeping up with that growing pile of laundry in the bathroom, it’s all too easy to skimp on your skincare routine. If you’ve noticed that your skin is looking dull and damaged, or if you want to look your very best for a wedding or reunion next month, a microdermabrasion treatment is an excellent choice to get your skin back into shape.

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