Do You Need Lash Extensions or Tinting?

smokey eyeEyelashes exist on mammals strictly for evolutionary and survival purposes, but for thousands of years eyelashes have served as an element of beauty enhancement, especially for women. Today, eyelash extensions and eyelash tinting are two of the most popular eyelash services utilized by women (and now men as well!) looking to emphasize the beauty of their eyes and add a bit of subtle drama to their appearance. Which one is the best service for your needs?

An Intro to Extensions

Women around the country rely on eyelash extensions to save them time, money, and effort everyday. Extensions are pieces of synthetic or mink lashes that are glued to the edge of your real lashes to create a longer, more noticeable lashes. After a 24-hour cure period, the lashes can be treated just like normal lashes, allowing you to swim, shower, and try out hot yoga as you please.

The extension process can take about two hours for a full set, since your esthetician needs to apply each lash individually. But don’t worry, you don’t feel anything during the process! Many patients even just fall asleep. Since lashes naturally shed every 4 to 6 weeks, you will need to return for touch ups every month if you want to maintain your full set of extensions. Otherwise, the extensions will eventually fall out with your natural lashes and you’ll return to your normal appearance.

The Basics of Tinting

Lash tinting doesn’t add any length or volume to your lashes, but it does darken light lashes to look darker using a pigment tint. During this cheap procedureusually under $50your esthetician will apply your choice of tint to your lashes with a fine brush and let it set for about ten minutes. Just like the lash extensions, tinting only lasts as long as the lashes themselves, about 4-6 weeks.

Which is Best For You?

Eyelash tinting and extensions are both excellent treatment options, but some people prefer one or the other. Tinting is a lower maintenance procedure that helps lashes pop without the need for mascara. Since some women are allergic to mascara or simply don’t have the time to apply makeup, but they have light lashes that they want to accentuate, tinting is the perfect solution. Athletes also like to tint their eyelashes so that they can look gorgeous without worrying about sweating, dripping, or re-applying mascara.

Lash extensions, on the other hand, are an investment that most women find totally addictive. They are the right choice for women looking to add a bit of flare and drama to their appearance while also completely eliminating the need for lash makeup altogetheralthough a bit of mascara at the tips of lash extensions doesn’t hurt.