New to Eyelash Extensions? Start Here

Professional eyelash extensions have surged in popularity over the years, and many women have found themselves curious to explore how lash extensions might be able to enhance their appearance and boost their confidence. There’s no doubt about it; eyelash extensions have an amazing way of emphasizing your natural beauty and drawing attention to your best features, so there’s no reason to wait to give them a try!

What Are Lash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are imitation eyelashes that are glued onto your real eyelashes to create a more dramatic appearance. Since extensions are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, you can customize your results. Many people mistakenly assume that lash extensions are the same as falsies that are applied in one long strip, but lash extensions are actually individually adhered to each single eyelash.

The most popular lash extensions are made of either silk, mink, or synthetic material. Each material has its own benefits, though the biggest difference is the firmness and weight. Mink are the thinnest and softest, while silk and synthetic tend to be heavier and provide a much thicker look. You will work with your aesthetician to determine which material will best complement your existing lashes and desired outcome.

Get Ready for the Process and Post-Treatment Care  

It’s very simple to receive your lash extensions. You simply lay down, keep your eyes closed, and relax while your lash extension expert works her magic! The first 48 hours after your lash appointment are the most important, because it is during this time that your lash adhesive will set and ensure your lashes stay in place as long as possible.

As long as you preserve your lash adhesive carefully, your lash extensions will remain firmly in place until your natural lashes shed during their normal cycle. This occurs every six to eight weeks, so many women return to their aesthetician once a month to have their lashes filled and kept in perfect condition.

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