Complete Your Look with Lashes and Brows

Many women are fighting the effects of aging with the tools at their disposal. This may include everything from facials to dying the hair, or more complex and expensive procedures such as dermal fillers. Whatever you have been doing to combat the signs of aging, complete your look with a brow and lash makeover.

Brows and Lashes Thin

Your brows and lashes can thin over time. If you are trying to combat the signs of aging, you might want to get fuller, longer lashes. Our professional and experienced staff can provide you with the longer and fuller lashes you desire for that special event in your life. Whether it is a wedding, a reunion, or another event, look and feel your best with lashes that will make you appear youthful and alert.

Brows and Lashes Lighten

Your hair isn’t the only thing to turn grey as you age. Your lashes and brows can also lighten or turn white or gray over time. If you dye your hair to appear younger, you may also need to have your lashes and brows dyed as well. Our experienced staff can dye your brows and lashes to match your preferred hair color. This gives you a more natural and youthful look.

Lash Perms

Sometimes over time your lashes not only get shorter, but they may become straighter. Getting some curl back into your lashes can make them appear longer and fuller. If you have lost length or curl to your lashes, we can help put the curl back into your lashes and give you a younger look.

If you are in need of lash and brow services to look and feel your best, contact us today for an appointment. We can discuss your goals and options and help you choose the best services to look great on that special day.