Eyelash & Brow Tinting Costa Mesa

For the blondes out there that want some color and you brunettes that want those eyes to POP.

Lash Tint

Brow Tint

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Lash Tinting Services is for the blondes out there that want a darker lash. The process takes approximately 30 minutes and when the client is completely done, they have their natural lash with a dark mascara look. Of course the lash is the same thickness, but now instead of that light blonde lash the client now has a darker lash to work with. This is great also for those Eyelash Extension clients that want a lash extension on and want those bottom lashes to show along now with the Lovely Lash Extensions to give it that POP Lash they are looking for.

Eyelash Tinting Services can be for all types of clients. Eyebrow tinting services is also a plus to help the Wink Lash look and give the lashes a pop. Eyebrow tinting is available in light brown, dark brown, red, blue-black, and black tint. Eyelash Tinting along with Eyebrow tinting is great also when you decide to do the eyelash extensions. A lash tint helps with those blonde bottom lashes and the Pop of the lash give a beautiful Lovely Lashes look. Make those lashes look luscious lashes.