Lash Perms Costa Mesa

For those people with straight lashes and now want a curl to their lash.

Lash Perms

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Lash perming is a natural look with a curl to your natural lashes. We have large roller rods for long lashes, medium roller rods for those lashes that are of average length and for those short straight lashes, we have smaller rods. The process is a two system process and is safe. The licensed technician consults with the client. The client relaxes on a bed and the technician curls the clients lash with a professional lash perming system. The process takes approximately 1 hour and when the client is completely done, they have their natural lash with a natural lash curl. We recommend no mascara the day of the process and in fact if the client can go 48 hours without any product on the lash, then the desired curl will be attained. By putting anything on the lash before that time, it can compromise the lash perming process.

Lash Perming is great for those clients that have straight lashes and want to have a curl to their own lash. Lash Perming lasts about 2 months. Lashes shed and when a lash sheds the straight lash grows out. After about 2 months the client is ready for another Lash Perm.