Everything You Never Knew about Ear Candling

28985396 - tray of ear candling equipment at the spaMuch like acupuncture and essential oils, ear candles were used in ancient times as a simple and effective solution to ear-based problems, only to be buried by the growth of Western medicine and pharmacology. Today, however, ear candles are making a comeback as more people turn to alternative medicine in an effort to escape the dangerous cycle of pharmaceutical drugs. If you’ve never utilized ear candles before, you may be picturing someone sticking a birthday candle in their ears. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this incredible treatment.

The History of Ear Candling

Ear candling was used in India, China, Egypt, Tibet and beyond as an old-age remedy to cleanse the ear canal. Ancient cultures also believed ear candling could improve spiritual practice by clearing the mind and senses. The practice of ear candling is once again gaining popularity amongst people who want to clean their ears without the need for Q-tips of hydrogen peroxide. Ear-based blockages can cause a variety of health ailments that ear candles have a history of alleviating.

The Benefits of Ear Candling

Since ear candling is natural and non-invasive, it can remove ear blockages in order to alleviate dry hacking cough, sinus headaches, tinnitus, itchy ears, and more. When the inner ear and small sinus cavities become blocked with mucus, a sinus infection often forms as a result. Ear candling drains and dries out those small, dark places where germs love to reproduce, in turn resolving any sinus infection and healing dry coughs and sinus headaches. Others note that they can hear much better after an ear candling session once all of the “junk” in the ears has been cleared away.

Treatment Details

Ear candles are pieces of fabric shaped into cones and dipped in beeswax. The tapered end of the candle is inserted into a face guard while the wide end is ignited. As the tapered end starts to smoke, the warmth of the candle creates a gentle vacuum that pulls wax and other toxic material out of the ear. It’s a completely painless and safe procedure in the hands of an expert, and the benefits speak for themselves!