The Best and Safest Ways to Use Makeup on Lash Extensions

It was only a few years ago that the term “lash extensions” referred to adhesive strips of fake lashes purchased from the drug store. Today, lash extensions have become a force of their own, attracting women around the country to indulge in beautiful, bold eyelashes that are attached one by one to their real lashes. If you have your own lash extensions in place now and you are feeling gutsy enough to blend your new doe eyes with makeup, this guide will help you maximize your cosmetic statement without weakening the integrity of your lashes.

Abide By the Ground Rules

Before you begin applying makeup to your lovely new lash extensions, it is critical that you understand and vow to follow the ground rules. These basic care tips will ensure that your lashes, real and fake, remain healthy enough to last their entire lifetime of six to eight weeks. First, don’t even allow oil based products into your cosmetic bag. All cleansers, eye makeup removers, and other facial products must be oil free, or else you run the risk of weakening the adhesive that holds your falsies to your real eyelashes.

Second, invest in oil free mascara and eyeliner as well, but don’t apply either too generously. Excessive mascara will weigh your lash extensions down and force them to snap or fall off. Third, use the comb that you received after your extensions treatment to brush your lashes on a daily basis. This helps them stay in shape and looking healthy, just like brushing your hair. Finally, don’t play with your lashes! Ever!

The Best Makeup Guidelines

Most women don’t feel the need to use mascara on their lash extensions, since the extensions make such a major statement themselves. However, if you want to emphasize your eyes or help lashes at the end of their cycle look rejuvenated, a water-based mascara is delicate enough to get the job done without harming your lashes. It’s safe to use eyeshadow as long as you steer clear of oil, but eyeliner is more of a problem. Applying liner too close to your lash extensions will threaten their integrity, so your best solution is to very lightly apply a water based liner.

Once you’ve finally put your makeup on and enjoyed your day or night, you need to remove it from your skin without harming your lashes. Since you can’t use an oil product, you need to be careful about your choices. Find a gentle, oil free makeup remover and use cotton balls to wipe away as delicately as possible.

Follow these tips and you are sure to extend the life of your gorgeous lashes and make the most of them while they last.