4 Makeup Hacks You’ll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without

Unless you are a makeup artist, you might find yourself staring into the mirror on a Friday night or Wednesday morning wondering how you can possibly force your makeup to give you the look that you want. Even with so many brands of high-end and expensive makeup products on the market, it can be confusing and frustrating to determine exactly how to apply your makeup in a way that makes all of your best features pop. Fortunately, these makeup hacks are here to help you perfect your makeup like a professional.

Use White Eyeliner to Enhance Eyeshadow

If you feel like your eyeshadow disappears within 20 minutes of applying it, you aren’t alone! Eyeshadow has a way of being rubbed off much quicker than you would prefer. By covering your eyelid in white eyeliner and then applying eyeshadow, you will give the eyeshadow something to “hold onto” so that it stays put. As an added bonus, the white eyeliner will help sheer and light eyeshadows appear more colorful and dramatic on the eyelid.

Combat Dark Circles With a Triangle of Concealer

We all have those days when a night of restless sleep, extreme stress, or illness cause dark circles to stick stubbornly under the eyes. You can make sure they stay hidden from view by applying your concealer in a triangle shape. Begin with the base of the triangle directly under your lash line, then point it down toward your cheek. This will leave the brightest point under your eye to form the illusion that your face is actually lifted and revived.

Make Your Own Fave Lip Gloss

If you’re having trouble finding a lip gloss that complements your skin tone, try making your own by blending your favorite loose pigment with a salve or petroleum jelly. In two simple steps you will have created a customized lip shade that you know you’ll love.

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