3 Treatments to Help You Prepare For Summer

It’s easy to become separated from your healthy habits during the winter, but now that summer in California is approaching, it’s time to make yourself feel good again. These three treatments are guaranteed to boost your confidence and help you feel more beautiful.

Sugaring is a hair removal method that is gaining popularity thanks to its efficiency and painlessness. It’s akin to waxing, but safer, more comfortable, and with better results. Believe it or not, a simple blend of sugar, water, and lemon can remove hair from the body more efficiently than hot wax. While waxing breaks about 30 percent of hairs as they are removed, sugaring penetrates hair follicles and lubricates everything, which minimizes hair breakage and leaves you with silky skin for weeks to come. What better way to welcome warm weather than by baring your smooth, hairless legs in your favorite dress?

This minimally invasive procedure is an excellent way to welcome the spring season because it helps to reset your skin, wipe away winter dullness, and heal superficial skin problems. Issues like sun damage, scarring, and wrinkles can all be minimized or eliminated with this treatment. Microdermabrasion uses a gentle yet abrasive instrument to sand away your dead skin cells and reveal healthier and younger-looking skin underneath. The tiny, painless injuries formed during the microdermabrasion process also trigger extra collagen production, which further improves the skin.

Cellulite Reduction
If you are ready to greet the beach without covering up your cellulite, then VelaShape is your solution. VelaShape utilizes infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency energy, and a vacuum to deep heat the fat cells, their surrounding connective tissue, and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. Such efficient heating quickly and easily stimulates the growth of strong new collagen and elastin, which then go to work reducing skin laxity and body volume. VelaShape is the best tool to achieve a toned, contoured, and well-shaped body, so it can be applied to most major areas like the neck, arms, thighs, buttocks, flank, and abdomen.