If You Do These 3 Things, You Need to Whiten Your Teeth

tooth whiteningIt’s easy to take a clean, white set of teeth for granted until you no longer have it, but fortunately we live in a day and age when just about any cosmetic problem can be fixed with just a smidge of time, money, and care. If you do any of the following three things, teeth whitening should become a priority for you.

You Avoid Smiling or Engaging in Face-to-Face Conversations

It’s quite a difficult task to talk and laugh with others without showing your teeth. An old episode of the famous sitcom Friends made light of that fact when Ross whitened his teeth about six shades too white before heading out on a date with his sister’s coworker. He spent the rest of the evening hiding his mouth behind slices of bread and his glass of wine, unable to really participate in the conversation. If you are embarrassed by your teeth because they are dark and stained, all you need to do is receive professional teeth whitening to once again join in on every laugh, smile, and conversation you can.

You Drink Coffee, Wine, or Soda Every Day

There are certain food and drink items that stain your teeth quicker than others, and coffee, tea, wine, and soda are infamous for their staining abilities. If you can’t start your day without a cup of coffee, or if you enjoy a glass of red white every night with dinner, your teeth are most likely undergoing a gradual staining process whether you can see it or not. You can preempt dealing with unattractive teeth by receiving a professional teeth whitening treatment now.

You Don’t Always Care For Your Teeth

If flossing is only something you think about at your six month dentist appointment when you have to awkwardly explain your lack of dental hygiene to your dentist, or if brushing twice a day has never been your favorite activity, then whitening your teeth could give you the boost you need to take better care of your teeth. While whitening won’t provide any health benefits itself, it might give you a better appreciation of your teeth so that you’re more willing to brush and floss every day.

Don’t worry, new teeth whitening technology doesn’t cause intense sensitivity or pain like it once did, so you can enjoy brighter, more attractive teeth without any unpleasantness!